Raewyn Turner & Brian Harris

Verdugos is a kinetic audio sculpture work created from pre-bud saplings wound with copper wire to receive short wave radio signals. The oscillatory searching mechanism slowly drifts through the aether, turning from side to side. As the device searches the aether it tunes across streams of communication


Woven from winter fruit tree sapling branches, hemp string, copper wire. metal and wood from a backyard tree the mechanism uses a repurposed cash register motor which drives both the motion and the audio in ever-changing stream of brief extracts and information.

Verdugos is part of a series of works about sensing the atmosphere. Vedugos reflects on intuitive sensing augmented by devices created from the backyard or the local environment towards sensing changes in the atmosphere which is saturated and awash with particles and vibrations, sounds and fragrances transpired by living beings and everything on earth.


IMG_0314 copy.jpeg

First Runner-up Award
Raewyn Turner and Brian Harris
Wallace Art Award, 2014, winter fruit tree sapling branches, hemp string, copper wire, metal and wood, electric motor, radio, 2000 x 1000 x 2200mm