perfume for Womens protest


The fragrance is a smokey, grassy, oily, dark perfume which after 20 minutes erupts into a bouquet of lilac and violets and a little raspberry to signal disdain in polite company, and lastly a lovely burning peat smell slowly creeps in after about 30 minutes.

The other end, clear side holds a hydrosol made from rosemary that I steam distilled from the plants in my garden.

Brian Harris  creating the bottle tops with the laser. The laser is guided in a straight and visible line by therapeutic  colloidal silver which is electrically charged particles of silver, suspended in distilled water. The silver particles are extremely small-usually ranging from 0.01 to 0.001 microns in diameter. The laser will pass through this in a straight red line when the button is pressed. 

SNATCH  exhibited:    Sisters of Perpetual Resistance exhibition 'Is Your Muff Big Enough?' London, UK          

Big Thankyou  to Nelson Rayner for creating the graphic.