Dolorimeter:       Raewyn Turner & Brian Harris        2017


IMG_5076 copy.JPG

A stone is constrained within a steel clamping device with a long handle  which invites the viewer to bring pressure to bear on the stone.

Dolorimeter explores future and synaesthetic sensing where micro electrical signals  and data are captured and transformed by algorithms and digitally mapped into simultaneous cross sensory experiences. The stone is put under pressure/pain and physically releases a fragrance

When the handle is pressed the device expresses the smell of rain. The fragrance is a mixture of geosmin and a commercial fragrance called ‘earth’. The threshold detection of geosmin for humans is as low as one drop to a swimming pool.

Exhibited : Synaesthesia: What Taste is the Colour Blue ? Building Bridges Art Exchange, in partnership with IASAS Art Sci Gallery at UCLA

Dolorimeter vibrating stone
Dolorimeter 2017