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Ecologies of Intimacy Workshop 1: Sensing Place
at Field, Lewis Road, Brighton17 June 2016

Sensing Place Workshop in photos

An artworkshop which eventuates in performance : a wine tasting of emotional phrases : Participants created a blend of wines spiked with fragrances that matched their emotional words, and which they shared with the others in a wine tasting performance which included listening to each creation converted to sound with the  Accidental Piano

We created a large array of standards by flavouring the wine with both the foraged plants from around the Brighton area along with the powerful and inspiring Sensient flavours.      Thankyou Sensient NZ!      Flavours provided by Sensient included: Ice Flavour, Smoothenol Natural, Ginger Ale, Bacon, Bubblegum, Butter, Cheese, Chicken, Condensed milk, Banana, Strawberry cream, Feijoa, Guava, Hazelnut, Hickory Smoke, Horseradish, Licorice, Malt, Toothpaste, Peanut butter, Mushroom, New York, Oakwood, Olive oil, Cocoa, Tea Brewed Natural, Rose

Out around Brighton gathering plants and herbs for the workshop

The workshop uses a process of words to taste and smell resulting in a wine tasting performance. The mapping of emotional words to fragrances and flavours is based on a process of reflecting on mental equivalents. Initially I tested my own responses to olfactory ciphers in order to create an art experience that may be felt in the body.Secondly I created a system 

In 2016 the workshop and performance was developed for The Periodic Table Number 1, Rural Renaissance, Montefeltro Edition. Alongside flavours provided by SENSIENT local wild food and flowers were foraged and identified by fellow residency participants who were botanists. The resulting final performance was presented in collaboration with Brian Harris as a wine tasting where each wine concoction was sampled and played by the 'Accidental piano'. 

As Artist Adjunct in 2015 at the Dunedin School of Art at Otago Polytechnic Public Research Seminars, she utilised flavours  from plants gathered from around Polytechnic permaculture gardens as well as flavours from SENSIENT  to spike the wine. SENSIENT FLAVOURS: Ice Flavour, Smoothenol Natural, Ginger Ale, Rose, Vanilla extract Madagascan, Ice Flavour, Coconut, Capsicum, Chilli, Plum, Cocoa, Tea Brewed Natural, Cinnamon, Cocoa

2015_03_19_IMG_8550 2 copy 2.JPG

It was performed as Internetraces Integrated Data Work: Raewyn Turner & Mary Griffiths at Plant and Food Research, NZ, 2009 and at Original Orifice, Auckland 2010.  In 2009 while I was working in collaboration  with Dr Richard Newcomb at Plant and Food Research, NZ  I further refined the work  with Mary Griffith who recorded a new Internettraces for a public wine tasting performance onstage. Using Sauvignon Blanc which is the same base white wine used in the testing and training of human sensory panels at Plant and Food Research I employed a large array of natural and synthetic flavours and fragrances to create a set of standards for creative mapping of emotional words to fragrance.  


In Internettraces,   the performance of mapping as a wine tasting, the audience was to taste the internet, roll it around the palate and consider it with attention…then to drink the internet and reflect on it as it passed into the digestive system… I asked the audience to consider each taste as a phoneme. A phoneme is an abstract sound type and creates a mental equivalent in the mind of the speaker or listener.     

Internettraces 2.jpg