work in progress : Raewyn Turner & Brian Harris  2016

The installation combines sensory art and engineering to explore re-interpreting of data found in randomness and the use of those interpretations for transactions.

The physical installation of the work  across two sites employs: 

  • a data collection device stationed at a site where reeds grow
  • an indoor location where several eftpos (electronic funds transfer at point of sale) receipt printers print words on fragranced paper which is then smouldered.

Microprocessors, sensor conditioning, power supplies, data storage, speakers, small impact printers and their interconnections are visible as part of the installation. The eftpos printers print words extracted from the data, subsequently matched to words from dictionaries. 

Reed Read  proceeds from the mythological story of the discretion of Midas’s hairdresser who, feeling that he may betray Midas’s trust, dug a hole in the earth and spoke into it whereby he laid his secret, only to have the secret broadcast to the world via the whispering reeds which grew over the hole.  Discretion is a valued character asset in those who are employed in the lives of their powerful and wealthy clients.  Indeed, Prime Minister David Cameron's hairdresser, Lino Carbosiero, was awarded an MBE for discretion.          

with thanks to Fragrifert Parfumeur

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