Dark Perfume WITH INTEGRATED CIRCUITS: Raewyn Turner & Brian Harris      2017


The perfume sealed in a flask for a future time is set within an interactive electronic circuit laid out to represent its schematic diagram within which are two integrated circuits.   When the work is approached to sample the light and sweet perfume which is sealed in the flask (sample bottle at the base of the work)  the electronic circuitry emits a second earthy fecal animal odour.

The perfume is in two parts: the liquid perfume is made from essences of plant matter - of flowers growing in ditches, heliotropes and mother’s perfume. The animal odour emitted by the circuitry is of the smell of rain on dry earth, of mushroom picking at dawn and the smell of the milkman's horse.

Integrated circuits are now used in all electronic equipment and are a part of the creation of successive abstractions to build increasingly complex electrical systems.    The operational amplifier, or “op-amp” invented in the early 1940s and the integrated circuit invented in 1958 are used in a vast array of consumer, industrial, and scientific devices.

Omani Frankincense, costus, cocoa, civet, tea, cepes, heliotrope, pink champaca, black pepper, pure alcohol

The work refers to a line “our memories mislaid by the rain”  in Ishiguro’s Buried Giant.   

Dark Perfume£1 with Integrated Circuits.JPG



Turner & Harris combine art, engineering, science research and their skills developed over years of practice in theatre, the film industry, robotics, interactive software, video, olfactory, art installations and performances. They engage simple elements with engineering to create experiential art, utilising everyday objects reinterpreted with robotics, electronics and microprocessors which Brian develops for cameras in the film industry, along with Raewyn's olfactory research, live performance and art practice.  They’ve been collaborating since 2010.

They exhibit regularly in New Zealand and have shown in numerous National and International exhibitions:

2017 The Big Anxiety Festival, Australia 2017

2017  What Taste is the Colour Blue ? An exhibition presented by Building Bridges Art Exchange, sponsored by the International Association of Synaethetes, Artists, and Scientists, and in partnership with Art Sci Gallery at UCLA

2016 The Vivian Gallery NZ Not Just Flower Show. Opening presentation.

2016 1st Synesthesia Art Exhibition and Forum in China -Beijing, Xu Zhou, Hang Zhou and Guang Zhou

2016 Artist Residency  CEINT Centre for Environmental Implications of Nano Technology Science Centre Duke University, USA,

2016 Directed cross-sensory workshops Mapping Emotional Words to Fragrances and Flavours in Periodic Table Italy

2016 2016 Directed cross-sensory workshops Mapping Emotional Words to Fragrances and Flavours  @ Intimate Technologies, the Field, Brighton, UK,

2016 Presentation Code Biology, Urbino, Italy.

2016 25th Annual Wallace Art Awards exhibition No Other Hands like Mine

2016 cloud Ramp Gallery, Wintec, Waikato 2 Jun – 24 Jun It sounds like I missed out on a lot while standing in the middle of the Cloud installation SMOTE 

2015 Fallible selected for Teknesyn at the V International Congress Synesthesia Science and Art;

2014  Wallace Trust First Runners Up award 2014 with Verdugos,

2014 The Kinetica Supreme Award, NZ with Toward the Mean

2012 Corban's Trusts Sculpture Award with Downwind

2012 exhibited Downwind at ISEA2013 in Sydney  Resistance is Futile: Ecologies and Technologies with CNZ support.